Ground water management in coastal areas

The coastal region occupies some of the most potential aquifer systems of the country. The coastal aquifers of India ranges from that of Jurassic to Recent and is seen almost all along the coast right from Gujarat to West Bengal. Some of the aquifers especially the Tertiary to Recent ones are highly potential and are developed extensively. The small island aquifers of Lakshadweep are highly sensitive since fresh water is seen floating as a thin lens over sea water here. The problems are also complex in the coastal area. Some of them are sea water intrusion, salinity from the aquifer (in situ) material, pollution, global warming and its impact on these aquifer systems. The hydogeologic scenario of the coastal area is discussed briefly in the paper. Sea water intrusion is reported in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu and the salinity in other areas are mostly derived from the aquifer materials. The sea level changes in the past and the present day sea level rise due to global warming and the impact on the coastal aquifers especially that of the small island aquifers of Lakshadweep are discussed in detail. The paper also discusses the details of these problems, remedial measures and how it is going to affect the aquifers of the coastal areas of country.

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