Environment scientist Robert Goodland on Utkal mining project

Environment scientist Robert Goodland on Utkal mining project robert goodland, an environmental scientist, has come out with a report on Canadian mining giant Alcan's involvement with the Utkal Alumina and Bauxite Project in Kashipur, Orissa. The report reveals series of human rights abuses on adivasis protesting the project. Alcan has now withdrawn from the project. In an interview over email, Goodland shares his views with ranjan k panda:

genesis of the report: Alcan publicly promised its shareholders independent assessment of their 13-year partnership with Hindalco. I volunteered a few times. As Alcan turned me down, I took the task upon myself. My purpose was to see if Alcan was justified in remaining in the project for 13 years. I wanted to know if reports of massacre of adivasis were correct.

key findings: Reports of brutality, atrocities and massacre of adivasis by police trying to accelerate the project were confirmed.

alcan psyche: Alcan has had a decent reputation. It won the top rank in the mining sector social and environmental performance awards in February 2007. Which means, the company should not settle for anything less than the