Some characteristics of urban slums 2008-09

Some characteristics of urban slums 2008-09

This latest NSSO report on the condition of urban slums says that 49,000 slums were estimated to be in existence in urban India in 2008-09. It provides data on living facilities like drinking water, toilet, sewerage, drainage and garbage disposal.

The main aim of the survey on condition of slums was to portray the condition of the urban slums, both notified and non-notified, with respect to infrastructural facilities like the area where the slum was located, road within and approaching the slum, electricity, drinking water, sewerage, drainage, garbage disposal, etc. It was also attempted to assess the proportion of slums where certain specific facilities had improved/ deteriorated over the last five years. All these aspects were proposed to be studied separately for the different State/UTs as well as at the all-India level.

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