Neither water nor governance: water governance in the Man river basin

The field of study and analysis of water governance in river basins is still in its infancy. There are no well developed research designs and survey methodologies for conducting such a study. Thus the present attempt to study water governance in the Man river basin is of an exploratory nature. More so because the area is being so studied for the first time. The report begins by discussing the relevance of the new concept of Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) to water governance in river basins. It then sets out the reasons for the choice of the basin, its characteristics, the problems encountered with computation of water balance, the revised methodology of estimation of water use developed to suit the present study, the results of applying this methodology, a political economy analysis of the prevailing water use in the basin, the results of an experiment to make water resource utilization for agriculture more sustainable in the basin, a review of the performance of the Man dam and an analysis of the interface between the government, community and market. Finally the report sets out a course for the future in the conclusions. Source: India Water Portal

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