Defying court

THE 120-hectare (ha) Cubbon Park, the green lung of Bangalore city, has often been encroached upon. Now the J H Patel government has decided to denotify 12 ha of the park to build a residential complex for legislators. By doing this, the government has gone against its own legislation passed in 1975, which decreed that the park be protected. A few years ago, the Bangalore high court suggested measures to preserve the park. Heavy vehicles were banned from entering the park. Alt construction activity inside the park was stalled.

Residents of the city plan to protest against the move, including filing a petition in the high court. The park was built before independence and stretches to about 240 ha. Over the years, many buildings came up on its periphery, including the Vidhan Sabha which houses the legislators. Other significant buildings like that of the Reserve Bank of India and the Election Commission have also been built in the park premises.

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