Millennium Development Goals India country report 2011

India is at the door step of the Twelfth five-year plan starting from April 2012, which will see the country through the 2015 deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It is imperative therefore, the proximity or distance from the MDG-targets in terms of the statistical measures demonstrated in the 2009 Mid-Term Statistical Appraisal Report on MDGs needed another review. The 2010 States of India Report on the MDGs (special edition) provided a review on the basis of sub-national scenarios. Within a gap of a few months after the release of the 2010 report, attempted another country report to fine tune the reflections on some of the critical issues which ought to be in focus in the Twelfth Plan. With this objective, statistical evidences in terms of measures of the outcome indicators of the MDG framework as could be available for the most current years have been used in this report for bringing out the changes that might happen to the outcome levels in the year 2015.

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