Municipal solid waste management in Jaipur: current status and way forward

The project titled “Municipal Solid Waste Management in Jaipur: Current Status and Way Forward” is to be done under RSPCB to understand the current situation of MSWM in the Jaipur city and also to identify the possible ways to improve the management of MSW so that a burden can be converted into a profit oriented business i.e. to recover energy from the waste. MSWM is basically a six stage process: generation, segregation, collection, storage, transportation and disposal. On the basis of these six stages the project also moved to get a more grasp on the MSWM. It also incorporates all the stakeholders to divide the whole task into number of stages to get more information, problems and involvement of them in MSWM. This project can provide lots of information of MSWM to the Municipal Authorities to identify what is the situation of MSWM at present and will also be very helpful in forming the policy and scheme for the further improvement in MSWM in Jaipur city.