Draft National Water Policy (2012)

Draft National Water Policy (2012)

This draft of the National Water Policy 2012 released by Ministry of Water Resources proposes setting up of water regulatory authority and says that there should be a provision for adequate water pricing to incentivize recycle and reuse.

Water is a natural resource, fundamental to life, livelihood, food security and sustainable development. It is also a scarce resource. India has more than 17 percent of the world's population, but has only 4% of world's renewable water resources with 2.6% of world‟s land area. There are further limits on utilizable quantities of water owing to uneven distribution over time and space. In addition, there are challenges of frequent floods and droughts in one or the other part of the country. In addition, there are inequitious distribution and lack of a unified perspective in planning, management and use of water resources. The objective of the National Water Policy is to take cognizance of the existing situation and to propose a framework for creation of an overarching system of laws and institutions and for a plan of action with a unified national perspective.

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