Responsible mineral development initiative 2011: a framework for advancing responsible mineral development

The development of mineral resources is a key driver of global economic growth. It has the potential to transform economies and societies, including some of the world’s poorest nations, provided development is responsible and sustainable. The ‘Responsible Mineral Development Initiative’ report for 2011, produced by the World Economic Forum in partnership with BCG, offers a pathway towards fulfilling this potential. It offers a series of realistic, practical building blocks for creating the stable operating environment - founded on trust, dialogue and transparency between companies, governments and other stakeholders – essential to a responsible, sustainable future. The six building blocks are supported by 22 initiatives and case-studies which epitomize good practice. They were developed with the input of more than 400 stakeholders and workshops held across six continents. The report also identifies some of the countries with the greatest potential for transformation and discusses the usage of Mineral Development Agreements.