Dealing with disclosure: improving transparency in decision-making over large-scale land acquisitions, allocations and investments

Since 2008, the rush for land in developing countries has rapidly intensified but the sector remains largely unregulated and land deals are frequently agreed in secret between governments and investors. Such a lack of mechanisms or political will to ensure transparent, accountable, and equitable decision-making in the acquisition and allocation of land concessions undermines governance and the democratic process. It fosters an environment where high-level corruption between political and business leaders prevails, where elite capture of natural assets becomes the norm, where human rights are routinely abused with impunity, where environmental destruction is ignored and where investment incentives are stacked against companies willing to adhere to ethical and legal principles. The report, Dealing with Disclosure, looks at why it is vital to transform the secretive culture behind large scale land deals and, for the first time, sets out in detail what tools governments, companies and citizens can harness to ensure that this happens.