Water in the green economy

Water and its management is becoming not just a local but a global priority. The UN Rio+20 Declaration emphasises the need to establish a green economy as the means to achieving sustainable development while protecting and improving the world’s natural resources. Water is increasingly seen as a central plank of the green economy. It is embedded in all aspects of development – food security, health, and poverty reduction – and in sustaining economic growth in agriculture, industry, and energy generation. In the Perspectives Paper “Water in the Green Economy”, prepared for Rio+20, GWP argues that water is not just part of the economy; it is embedded within the economy. Without it the economy could not function. Thus water will be central to the innovative thinking and effective solutions required to establish the green economy. This paper set out the case for an Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) approach to water security and its potential to lead the process of ‘greening’ the world’s economies.

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