Passing the muck

  • 29/11/2001

Passing the muck When it comes to pollution at the workplace, automobile companies explain it away by flashing iso 14001 certificates. What escapes unnoticed is the fact that they delegate most of the dirty work to vendors.

grp has unearthed this startling fact after conducting an extensive research on various aspects of their production supply chain in India. The exercise has driven home the point that automakers should be held accountable for the polluting activities of their suppliers.

Statistics, too, lend weight to the need to analyse afresh the production-stage emission issue : each vehicle is made up of approximately 15,000 parts. More than 80 per cent of these components are outsourced from the small-scale sector, which lacks the resources to employ ecofriendly technology. This is where automobile manufacturers have a role to play.

Till now the focus of the procurement policy of these companies has been on quality and economy. Only a handful of them have worked towards greening the supply chain

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