Revised draft National Water Policy 2012

Draft national water policy (2012) as recommended by National Water Board in its 14th meeting held on 7th June, 2012. The objective of the National Water Policy is to take cognizance of the existing situation, to propose a framework for creation of a system of laws and institutions and for a plan of action with a unified national perspective.

See also: State Water Policies

S.N. State State Water Policies
1. Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh state water policy 2009
2. Assam State Water Policy Assam, 2007 (draft)
3. Bihar Bihar state water policy 2010: draft
4. Himachal Pradesh Himachal State Water Policy
5. Himachal Pradesh Draft Himachal Pradesh Water Regulatory Authority Act, 2011
6. Jharkhand Jharkhand state water policy, 2011
7. Karnataka Karnataka State Water Policy, 2002
8. Kerala Kerala water policy 2008
9. Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh State Water Policy, 2003
10. Maharashtra Maharashtra State Water Policy , 2002
11. Meghalaya Meghalaya state water policy, 2011: draft
12. Orissa Orissa state water policy 2007
13. Puducherry Draft water policy of Puducherry 2012
14. Punjab Draft state water policy 2008: Government of Punjab
15. Rajasthan Rajasthan state water policy 2010
16. Rajasthan Rajasthan state water policy (draft), 2008
17. West Bengal

West Bengal wetlands and water bodies conservation policy 2012


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