Development and dissemination of high resolution climate change scenarios for India

Regional climate model simulations were undertaken in order to produce climate scenarios for the near future (2020s), the medium-term future (2050s) and the long-term future (2080s). The climate scenarios included changes in rainfall and temperature on annual, monthly and daily time steps. The study: Presents key results of changes in the monsoon derived from the 10 global general climate models (GCMs) that give the best simulation of the Indian summer monsoon. Changes in the monsoon’s behaviour are critical as more than 75% of India’s annual rainfall occurs during the season. Ran three regional climate model simulations to produce high resolution (very detailed; 50km by 50km) climate scenarios for India. Multiple simulations allow assessment of uncertainties in model scenarios. Disseminated the simulated model data and results to the programme partners; provided training in understanding and interpretation of climate model outputs.