Asian development outlook 2012 update: services and Asia's future growth

Developing Asia is confronted with a protracted slowdown in the world’s major advanced economies and decelerating growth in its own two giants: the People’s Republic of China and India. The continuing sovereign debt crisis in Europe and tepid growth in the United States and Japan have undercut demand for the region’s exports. Slowing investment and consumption in the People’s Republic of China and India are further dragging down developing Asia’s growth. As turnout in the first half of 2012 tempered optimism by being generally lower than expected, this Asian Development Outlook 2012 Update trims most economic growth forecasts for the next 2 years. It presents an analysis of developing Asia’s recent economic performance and explains the divergence between forecasts and the actual out turn. Exploring Asia’s future sources of growth, the update analyzes the potential of the large and expanding service sector. It finds that a vibrant service sector could have positive spillovers into other sectors, promote greater inclusiveness, strengthen stability, and create new opportunities for foreign trade. Improving regulatory frameworks, infrastructure, and human capital are key to modernizing the service sector.