Tigers across borders: tigers in the Indo-Bhutan Transboundary Manas Conservation Complex (TMCC)

The Agriculture Minister of Bhutan, released the Tigers Across Borders Report in October 2012, an outcome of the first combined tiger monitoring study undertaken by Bhutan and India. The monitoring identified 14 individual tigers, five each in Manas Tiger Reserve in India and Royal Manas National Park in Bhutan and four being common to both parks. The Trans-boundary Manas Conservation Complex (TMCC) straddles Indo-Bhutan border from Ripu Reserve Forest in India in the West to Bhutan’s Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary in the East and Jigmi Singye Wangchuck National Park to the North. The monitoring study reveals that this complex is an extremely unique and rich landscape with a variety of wild cats and a host of different prey species. This could be the only landscape in the world with 8 species of cats co-existing in the same area.