Integrating variable renewable energy with the grid: lessons from the southern region

Renewable energy in India has grown at a fast pace in the past few years, led by Wind, but also having substantial contributions from Biomass, Small Hydro and, more recently, solar energy. Wind energy deployment is now more than a decade old in Tamil Nadu and other states in South India. Particularly when compared to the other Indian states, Tamil Nadu has considerable experience in operating a power system with Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) resources. This report includes a comprehensive review of the relevant literature, analysis, and data available that allows an informed assessment of the issue. It contains a detailed investigation of the technical, economic and regulatory issues concerning an increasing proportion of wind energy in the electricity grids, with attention paid to the aspects of variability. This report is intended as a guide to key aspects of grid integration of VRE resources for electricity generation and seeks to assist in the political debate, policy formulation, research and investment decisions.

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