Punjab state action plan on climate change

Punjab has experienced a dramatic improvement in its economy since independence, which is mainly agriculture and industry driven. However, its natural resource base is shrinking because of over-exploitation due to population pressure and developmental needs. Changes in climate may be a hindrance in the future in pursuing a sustainable high economic growth, as economic activities such as agriculture are overtly climate sensitive. Through the formulation of the Punjab Action Plan on Climate Change the state envisages to address the impacts of climate change within the framework of the eight missions of the NAPCC. The state objectives therefore can be summarized as: Solar mission, Enhanced Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Habitats, Water Mission, Sustainable Himalayan Mission, Green India Mission, Sustainable Agriculture, and Strategic Knowledge for Climate Change. The Punjab State Council for Science and Technology – PSCST is the focal point for climate change issues in the Punjab government, and it is coordinating the preparation of the Punjab State Action Plan on Climate Change.

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