Puducherry Building Bye-laws and Zoning Regulations (Amendment), 2013

These bye-laws and regulations may be called the Puducherry Building Bye-laws and Zoning Regulations (Amendment), 2013. The provisions of these bye-laws and regulations shall apply to the planning area declared vide:- (i) G.O. Ms. No. 79/84/F6, dated 17th August 1984, notified in Gazette No. 35, dated 28th August 1984, (ii) G.O. Ms. No. 93/85/F6, dated 8th July 1985, notified in Gazette No. 31, dated 30th July 1985, and (iii) G.O. Ms. No. 68/89/F6, dated 26th July 1989, notified in Gazette No. 83, dated 31st July 1989 of Housing Secretariat, Puducherry and such other areas in the Union territory of Puducherry notified from time to time. They shall come into force on and from the date of their publication in the official gazette.