Smart Grid Vision and Roadmap for India

This roadmap released by the India Ministry of Power outlines how the country intends to leverage emerging smart grid technologies to transform its power sector. One goal is to give all Indian households at least eight hours of electricity per day by the year 2017.

Smart Grid Vision Statement: “Transform the Indian power sector into a secure, adaptive, sustainable and digitally enabled ecosystem that provides reliable and quality energy for all with active participation of stakeholders.”

Key Targets and Highlights are as follows:

12th Plan (2012 – 2017):

  • Completion of ongoing smart grid pilots
  • Augmentation of data centers and communication network for AMI Roll out
  • Distribution Automation & GIS/Automated distribution s/stns.
  • Development of indigenous smart meter
  • Dynamic tariffs, Sustainability Initiatives –promoting distributed generation

13th Plan (2017 – 2022):

  • Nationwide AMI roll out for customers >10KW load
  • Mandatory Roof Top Solar for large establishments
  • Total Renewable integration of 80GW;
  • EV charging infrastructure
  • Development of micro grids in total 10000 villages
  • Distribution Automation

14th Plan (2022 – 2027):

  • Development of 50 Smart cities.
  • Mandatory roof top solar
  • Total Renewable integration of 130 GW; 10% EV penetration
  • Nationwide AMI roll out for customers
  • Continuous Research &Development ;
  • Choice of electricity supplier
  • Stable 24X7 power supply

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