Management of super cyclone and flood in Orissa

Orissa on the East Coast along with West Bengal and Andhrapradesh has the locational disadvantage of being in the path of depression of severe cyclonic storms that occur before the onset of south-west monsoon or after it recedes .The super Cyclone and severe Cyclone of October 1999 devastated 14 prosperous coastal districts throwing the lives of one crore of people out of gear .The unprecedented Cyclonic gale ,torrential precipitation , high flood ,tidal ingress and stagnation are the main factors for trauma and trajedy there . Though relief was pouring in from all parts of the world but it was not reaching the victims due to improper disaster Management . Proposal of Cyclone shelters, Coastal High way , Iridium-phones ,Conservation of declining mangrove and other forests , Afforestation and drainage improvements are the main need in the area. Improvements of saline and other embankments , de-silting(dredging ) of the mouths of channels and rivers and Additional ventage to the roads and cross drainage structures have been advocated . Proper Forecasting and other curative measures with proper disaster Management programme can mitigate the flood and Cyclone to a great extent.

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