Towards achieving Millennium Development Goals India 2013

This pamphlet titled `Towards achieving Millennium Development Goals India 2013’ has been brought out as a sequel to this Ministry’s `Millennium Development Goals India country report 2011’. It exhibits the latest status of India’s achievements with reference to the goals and targets set at the United Nation’s Millennium Summit held in September 2000. India’s MDG framework is as per the UNDG’s 2003 framework and it consists of 8 Goals, 12 targets (1 to 11 and 18) and 35 indicators. The latest data available for MDG indicators shows that in the current state of affairs, and despite the progress achieved, all of the MDGs will not be met by 2015. This report identifies the need for more focused attention in respect of the challenges such as declining poverty but increasing inequality, persisting malnutrition among children, improving the survival rate in primary education, achieving gender parity in waste employment in non-agricultural sector, improving immunization coverage, combating causes of child mortality, improving coverage of deliveries by skilled health personnel, combating other causes of maternal mortality in a persistent manner etc. being faced by the country.

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