Indian mineral industry at a glance 2011-12

Indian Mineral Industry at a Glance 2011-12 is the thirty third edition in its series. This publication is designed to meet the needs of policy makers, planners, industrialists, economists, academicians, researchers and others connected with planning, exploitation and utilisation of minerals and related activities. For easy reference, the publication has been divided into eight sections viz., General, Mineral Production, Production of Metals and Alloys, Foreign Trade, Employment in Mines, Consumption of Minerals, Production of Mineral-based Products and Mining Machinery. In each section the salient features of the data presented therein are highlighted at the beginning of the section. The Indian Mineral Industry at a Glance pocket book is handy and a ready reckoner with important diagrams. It is stated that some of the figures of GDP, consumption, foreign trade, mineral based product etc. are updated for earlier years based on latest data.