Report of the Committee to review the implementation of crop insurance schemes in India (P K Mishra Committee Report)

Report of the Committee Constituted Under the Chairmanship of Dr.P.K.Mishra, Ex-secretary, Department of Agriculture & Cooperation to Review the Implementation of crop Insurance schemes in India. This report attempts to address some of the issues and challenges facing major crop insurance schemes being operated in India. Many of the issues and problems highlighted when the Committee interacted with stakeholders appear to be chronic ones, in existence since the early days of crop insurance schemes in the country. Despite efforts by previous committees, several of these issues persist, posing acute problems for the operation of crop insurance schemes. This is perhaps why several crop insurance schemes—experimental, pilot and so on—were introduced from time to time during the last three decades, sometimes in quick succession. Experimental schemes emerged even during the early years of operation of a nationwide scheme.

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