Mercury free India - right choices

In the wake of excitement on the Indian Government’s decision on becoming mercury free, NGO Toxics Link’s report “Mercury Free India-Right Choices”, highlights the fact that once mercury is released into environment, it bio-accumulates and bio-magnifies up food chain, and easily enters human body passing through skin, blood-brain & placental barrier. Its persistent nature slowly affects central nervous systems, kidneys, etc., of adults, children and also the foetus; and the symptoms show up as abnormal brain development, kidney damage and many other fatal diseases. Toxics Link works for the ban of various hazardous wastes in the country pitching for ban in mercury in India and elsewhere. According to the study, the country at present, does not produce any mercury, and all its domestic demands are met through imports. It imported 165 tons of mercury in 2012-13, out of which 45 tons were exported to other countries in the same year, which reflects the rest is being used for internal product manufacturing.

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