Technologies to support climate change adaptation

Asia and the Pacific region is expected to be hit hard by the impacts of climate change. Developing member countries (DMCs) of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) are among the most vulnerable, with seven of the top ten vulnerable countries being in the region. Scaling-up of mitigation and adaptation efforts are among ADB’s mid-term priorities for 2020. ADB is reaffirming its commitment to invest $2 billion annually in clean energy. ADB also aims for $30 billion more for sustainable transport by 2021. Enhancing focus on adaptation, the linkage between disaster risk management and adaptation, and climate financing are also priority action areas for ADB’s assistance to DMCs. This publication seeks to address these concerns by showcasing a number of useful technologies that can be used to address the impact of climate change across six sectors: agriculture, coastal resources, human health, transportation, water resources, and disaster risk management. The solutions presented may serve to demystify the technologies surrounding adaptation options.

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