State of the Indian economy: an opportunity for revival

State of the Indian economy: an opportunity for revival The last year has been a fortuitously good one for the Indian economy with a sea change in the macroeconomic parameters and a sustainable turnaround on the cards. At a time when concerns have been raised about global growth prospects, the Indian economy has marched on and has in fact entered a sweet spot. As a start, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth, which had plummeted to sub 5% levels in past two fiscal years finally seems to have picked up on the back of a cyclical rebound and some genuine improvement. Growth in the current year, while not spectacular, has moved up firmly into the 5%+ handle. This improvement has come on the back of improved performance in the industrial sector, stable growth in the services sector and a surprisingly resilient agriculture sector. Further, policy action on the environmental clearances and mining licenses has helped prop up sentiment while a push to some stuck projects have aided growth prospects.

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