The 2015 energy productivity and economic prosperity index

This index report ranks countries based on their economic output per unit of energy consumed. Commissioned by Philips, the energy productivity index was authored by The Lisbon Council, Ecofys and Quintel Intelligence. Next to ranking the current performance of countries, the report also presents scenarios for the European Union and six individual countries: France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom. For each country and the EU, both Business-as-Usual as well as High-Energy Productivity scenarios were developed. They show that overall energy consumption in the EU could be cut by 35% by doubling the region’s rate of energy productivity improvement from close to 1.6% to 4% per year by 2030. These scenarios and the analysis show that enhancing energy productivity has significant benefits for society, ranging from reduction of household energy bills (about one-third in Europe) to the creation of millions of high quality jobs.

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