Economic and social survey of Asia and the Pacific 2015

Economic and social survey of Asia and the Pacific 2015 The 2015 edition of the Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific highlights a key message that while policy focus on economic growth is necessary, it is not sufficient for achieving development. Policymakers in the region would need to internalize the aspects of inclusive growth and sustainable development into their domestic policy frameworks. Economic growth in Asia-Pacific developing economies continues to fare well in the global context, but is expected to experience only a slight increase in 2015. The growth potential of the region is being held back by structural weaknesses such as infrastructure shortages and excessive commodity dependence of some economies. The fragile global economic recovery is also constraining regional growth prospects. Unless reforms are vigorously pursued, downside risks to the growth trajectory could increase. The Survey for 2015 provides a new perspective on inclusive growth in the region in the context of the ongoing global deliberations on the post-2015 development agenda, which encompasses the economic, social and environmental dimensions of development. It emphasizes the need to move the policy focus beyond inequality of income to promoting equality of opportunities. This is important because different kinds of deprivation tend to reinforce each other.

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