Health system in India: bridging the gap between current performance and potential

India's progress in health outcomes during the past two decades has been slower in comparison to other developing countries with comparable incomes, a latest working paper prepared by Niti Aayog said, highlighting crucial gaps in India's healthcare system. The paper, titled `Health Systems in India: Bridging the Gap Between Current Performance and Potential', has drawn a comparison between India and countries like China, Bangladesh, Nepal and Vietnam based on achievements under various health indicators during the last 10-20 years. In most parameters, India languishes at the bottom of the table. Though the government's thinktank has acknowledged the achievements in elimination of polio, population control and reduction in HIV prevalence, it has pointed out significant lapses in reduction of infant mortality rate (IMR), maternal mortality rate (MMR), deaths due to infectious diseases like tuberculosis and measles among others.

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