Question raised in Lok Sabha on contaminated drinking water, 23/07/2015

Question raised in Lok Sabha on contaminated drinking water, 23/07/2015. As on 1/4/2015, States have reported 66,761 rural habitation with water quality contaminations like arsenic, fluoride, iron, salinity and nitrate. State-wise details of water quality affected habitations which are yet to be provided with safe drinking water is at Annex-I. Under the centrally sponsored National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP), 67% of the funds released to States can be utilized for coverage and tackling water quality problems. Further, 5% of NRDWP funds are also earmarked for tackling problems relating to chemical contamination like arsenic and fluoride and also to solve problems relating Acute Enecephalitis Syndrome in 60 high priority districts in 5 States (Assam, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal). Prolonged consumption of excess fluoride in drinking water may lead to dental, skeletal or non-skeletal fluorosis. Prolonged consumption of excess arsenic in drinking water may lead to arsenicosis (Keratosis and Melanosis). 3% funds provided to States under NRDWP are earmarked exclusively for Water Quality Monitoring & Surveillance which include creating/ updating water quality testing laboratories and test drinking water quality at regular intervals of time. Funds released to States during the last 3 years and current financial year is at Annex-II.