Africa agriculture status report 2015

A new report, the “2015 African Agriculture Status Report,” released at the African Green Revolution Forum, states that modernizing Africa’s agriculture sector to attract young people would help tackle youth unemployment and food insecurity. The report, produced by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), said outdated land-tenure systems and poor access to finance deter new entrants into farming. David Sarfo Ameyaw, the head of strategy, monitoring and evaluation for AGRA, said two issues present a clear opportunity to deliver a solution to the problem. "Channelling the energy, strength and dynamism of Africa's youth into productive, competitive and profitable agribusinesses... will boost agricultural production systems, create jobs and generate incomes," he said. "The impact of youth involvement and participation in agriculture and food systems will be seen in sustainable economic growth and in the reduction of poverty and malnutrition across the continent." Dr. Sarfo Ameyaw added that, along with reforms to the barriers and constraints identified in the report, there is a need to “rebrand” the image of farming in Africa.

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