Macroeconomics, agriculture, and food security: a guide to policy analysis in Developing Countries

Literature on macroeconomics is often technical, includes different approaches, and consists of many controversial ideas and methodologies. Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla’s new book, Macroeconomics, Agriculture, and Food Security, provides an accessible guide to the topic with analyses of policies related to economics, exchange rates, and trade policies as they affect, and are affected by agricultural and food security issues in developing countries. Written for policy- and decision makers in ministries of agriculture, food security researchers, multilateral development banks, and students, Macroeconomics, Agriculture, and Food Security provides a framework, describes various policy approaches, and covers relevant topics that aid in the alleviation of poverty and food insecurity in many developing countries. It answers the questions: What do policymakers, policy analysts, and practitioners working on agricultural issues in developing countries need to know about macroeconomics to do their job? What do macroeconomic policymakers and analysts in developing countries need to know about the impact of agricultural policies and performance on macroeconomic developments?