Rajasthan Urban Development Schemes Policy – 2015 (Draft)

According to the Census 2011, the urban population in the state was 17.0 million with a total of 297 towns including 184 municipal towns. Since then three more municipal towns have been added making the number 187. The real-estate sector too has taken quantum leap due to proactive involvement of the Government, the private sector and increasing aspirations of the consumers, all aspiring to shape a decent physical environment. Physical environment has a great impact on the health of the human being, besides improvement in the overall social life and in promotion of the work efficiency of the citizens. Hence, it is necessary that new developments in urban areas are planned with adequate social and economic facilities, greens and road networks. With this background, the New Rajasthan Urban Development Schemes Policy is being framed, which has been based on the experiences of the past Township Policies promulgated in 2002 and 2010.

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