Education in India: NSS 71st round (January-June 2014)

This report presents estimates of various characteristics pertaining to social consumption of education at national as well as State/UT levels in 2014, based on the results of NSS 71st round survey. NSSO had conducted an all-India household survey on education during the period January – June, 2014. The purpose of the survey was to collect information on participation of persons aged 5-29 years in pursuit of education in the country; the extent of use of educational infrastructure, facilities and incentives provided by the government and private areas and its impact on current attendance status of population in the educational institutions; private expenditure incurred by households on education and the extent of drop-outs and discontinuation from education, and its causes. Moreover, some specific and important indicators to judge the holistic picture of participation in education system of a country can only be obtained from a household survey.

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