Gender approaches in climate compatible development: lessons from India

Women’s economic contribution to India’s rapid economic growth is now being recognised and supported by the Government of India through concrete policy and financial measures. In this context, the report underlines three key ideas: women are natural and easy brokers of learning around adaptation and emissions; women offer far better value for money in adaptation and resilience building measures; women build the trust that is essential to move from the current pattern of growth to new or green growth. At the same time, three key areas of inequality require direct and urgent attention from policy-makers, as well as those designing or running large projects in India: the role of women in building urban resilience, not only in the 100 Smart Cities programme but a wide range of other towns in India; the role of women in green and clean small businesses; and the role of women in solar and mixed grid renewable energy promotion. This report is of regional relevance. What is being done in India is not only important to India’s women but also to women throughout the rest of Asia.