Next-generation wind and solar power: from cost to value

Next-generation wind and solar power: from cost to value This document summarises the study Next-Generation Wind and Solar Power, which was carried out by the International Energy Agency (IEA) as part of its Grid Integration of Variable Renewables (GIVAR) programme. It contributes to the work of the Multilateral Wind and Solar Working Group as part of the Clean Energy Ministerial. Its main focus is the contribution that next-generation wind and solar power technology can make to transforming power systems around the globe when combined with advanced, system-friendly deployment strategies. The main purpose of system-friendly deployment is to maximise overall value to the power and wider energy system – in contrast to minimising the generation cost of wind and solar power in isolation. This summary places such strategies in the context of integrating renewables in a wider system, and presents policy makers with concrete recommendations for unlocking this contribution. This document also features brief summaries of country case studies, which were carried out as part of Next-Generation Wind and Solar Power.

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