Sustainable sand mining management guidelines 2016

To promote sustainable sand extraction, these guidelines released by the Union ministry of environment and forests lays emphasis on monitoring of the mined out material, which is key to the success of environment management plan. It has suggested tapping “alternative sources of sand and gravel”. 

The main objectives of the guidelines, includes to ensure that sand and gravel mining is done in environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner; availability of adequate quantity of aggregate in sustainable manner; improve the effectiveness of monitoring of mining and transportation of mines out material; conservation of the river equilibrium and its natural environment by protection and restoration of the ecological system; avoid aggradation at the downstream reach especially those with hydraulic structures such as jetties, water intakes etc; to ensure the rivers are protected from bank and bed erosion beyond its stable profile; no obstruction to the river flow, water transport and restoring the riparian rights and in-stream habitats; to avoid pollution of river water leading to water quality deterioration; to prevent depletion of groundwater reserves due to excessive draining out of groundwater; and streamlining the process for grant of environmental clearance (EC) for sustainable mining. The recommendations for management of sustainable sand extraction are the key objectives of the guidelines.

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