Round-the-clock power supply: a key milestone for the Indian power sector

This report takes stock of the power sector in India and discusses the interventions required to achieve round-the-clock power supply and propose directions for stakeholders in the Indian power and energy sectors. Rapid economic growth in India has led to a surge in energy demand in the country. India, the fourth largest producer of electricity in the world, has witnessed a transformational change in the energy sector, with supportive policy interventions as well as sector reforms. Despite the phenomenal growth in generation capacity over the past years, India is grappling with a power deficit situation. Over 15.5 million below poverty line (BPL) households and 9,500 villages are still devoid of electricity. The per capita electricity consumption in India is much below the global average. This necessitates a review of actions by the sector stakeholders and better planning for achieving key performance indicators (KPIs).

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