Indigenous & Best Farm Practices: Identification and Scientific Documentation

The five-year project (1st October 2013-30 September 2018) entitled ‘Improving Food Security Governance in South and South East Asia through strengthened participation of organizations of marginalized farmers’ has been launched in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar and Nepal with the financial support of European Aid and DANIDA/ DanChurchAid. The project aims to increase the participation of small/marginal farmer organizations (particularly those small farmers’ organizations consisting of excluded groups i.e. Dalit, indigenous/Tribal, women, disabled, minorities, and aged people) in decision-making processes linked to food and nutrition security by strengthening their capacity and forming critical mass on food and climate change governance in order to formulate eco-friendly, cost effective food & agricultural policies that promotes small farmers and safe environment. The basic focus of the project is to mobilize critical mass, thereby developing capacity to engage with public authorities in decision-making processes to formulate and benefit from pro-poor and eco-friendly food and nutrition policies and have their voice heard.