Roadmap for the consideration of establishment and operation of a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading System in Turkey

This report develops a roadmap on the consideration of establishment and operation of an emissions trading scheme (ETS) for Turkey. It is the first in a series of analytical reports, prepared for the World Bank Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR). The report was prepared by a consortium led by Ecofys, including FutureCamp and LifeEnerji, and further supported by Özlem Döğerlioğlu, attorney at Law for the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation. The development of the roadmap benefited from intense stakeholder interaction during public and private sector workshops organised in 2016 as well as further bilateral meetings between the ministry and several stakeholders. The study offers a pilot ETS design that could fit the Turkish context. The proposed ETS pilot design aims to create a reference point for discussions in case Turkey politically decides to implement an ETS in future while making use of the experience gained in the MRV scheme in Turkey. The pilot scenario tries to limit the complexity and build the capacity of the administrator and participants in preparation for a further developed ETS beyond the pilot phase. However, it will require further discussions and reconciliation among several different stakeholders.