Wind-solar hybrid energy production analysis report

This report focuses on integrated hybrid renewable energy projects consisting of wind and solar energy. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy directed National Institute of Wind Energy, Chennai to prepared a report on hybrid wind and solar energy production analysis. NIWE, has chosen 24 wind potential sites based on met-masts installed in, Telangana (Kompalli, Sunkisala, Chadmal), Karnataka (Mustigeri, Taralkatti, Machenahalli, Haikal, Nirana), Gujarat (Suigam, Kuran, Pandhro, Moti Baru, Gaga), Madhya Pradesh (Ganesh Goshla, Jamgodrani Hills) and Rajasthan (Dag, Gara, Bassi) and their respective closest available solar radiation details to study the possibility of integrating wind and solar power generation projects. This report gives the overall view of the wind and solar energy generation possible at the respective sites and would help the developer to understand the feasibility and focus, highlighting the potential advantages of the complementary nature of wind and solar in different seasons of they are to develop hybrid projects in the respective states.

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