Journey of food fortification: fighting malnutrition improving lives

A comprehensive regulation on fortification of food by FSSAI is a important milestone in the country's journey to address malnutrition. Fortification is seen as an important intervention to tackle micronutrient malnutrition. The country has four decades of experience in fortifying salt with iodine that helped that address one of the most significant micronutrient deficiency disorders. The FSSAI Regulation covers five food categories i.e. wheat flour, rice, milk, edible oil and salt that addresses the gap for multiple micronutrients and is significantly more comprehensive than iodized salt and is likely to be far more challenging. This publication - "Journey of Food Fortification: Fighting Malnutrition, Improving Lives" which brings together key facts around malnutrition, global and national evidence, experience around fortification and some basic information on fortification in various food categories will be extremely useful in bringing alignment of all stakeholders so that gigantic task of ensuring universal adoption of fortification across these food categories is achieved in a short time.