Judgement of the National Green Tribunal regarding pollution caused by Associate Cement Company Ltd., Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, 10/12/2015

  • 10/12/2015

Judgement of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Sarav Shikshit Evam Berojgar Janhit Vs State of Himachal Pradesh & Others dated 10/12/2015 regarding air and water pollution and consequent health hazards in and around the premises of Associate Cement Company Ltd. located near Barmana, District Bilaspur, State of Himachal Pradesh. According to the Applicant (Sarav Shikshit Evam Berojgar Janhit) with the passage of time, the residents of the area faced very serious health problems posed by the air pollution and noise emitted from the plant. It is further submitted by the applicant that the residential area of the villagers are within the radius of about 10- 150 meters from the factory and the residents of the area are prone to skin diseases and respiratory problems.

NGT directs for a formation of a Joint Inspection Team (representatives of the Central Pollution Control Board, Himachal Pradesh Pollution Control Board, Department of Industries -Himachal Pradesh, Senior Doctor from the Directorate of Health - Himachal Pradesh) which will submit a report to Tribunal on creation of green belt, wind barriers, ambient air quality stack samples, discharge from the STP, noise levels and maintenance of anti-pollution devices fixed by the industry as directed by NGT. The Committee would also deal with the health aspects of the villagers living around the cement industry.

Associate Cement Company (ACC) Ltd. shall pay environmental compensation and it would be paid in the following manner:

a. Rs. 20 lakhs to the CPCB

b. Rs.20 lakhs to the HPPCB  

c. Rs.10 lakhs to the Government Hospital at Bilaspur

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