Greening India’s workforce: gearing up for expansion of solar and wind power in India

Renewable energy job creation and skill development is one of the Indian government’s foremost objectives. However, credible information on the number of jobs that have been created so far, and those that can be created in future to achieve India’s renewable energy goal of 175 gigawatts (GW) by 2022, has been lacking. In an effort to fill this information gap, NRDC and CEEW conduct annual surveys of India’s solar and wind companies, developers, and manufacturers to collect accurate, market-based information on jobs created, workforce employed, and the skills required to achieve India’s renewable energy goals. This analysis builds on the previous reports on clean energy jobs in India. Earlier analyses focused on renewable energy job creation, short-term and long-term. This report updates and translates those figures into actual full-time employment and workforce requirements.