Comprehensive agriculture research based on geographical conditions and impact of climatic changes to ensure food security in the country: Standing Committee on Agriculture (2016-2017)

Although there will be increased yields of rice, wheat, legumes and oilseeds by 10-20% with increase in Co2 level to 550 ppm, however, productivity of most crops is likely to decrease marginally by 2020 but by 10-40% by 2100 says this report by the Standing Committee on Agriculture (2016-2017) tabled in the Lok Sabha

The Standing Committee on Agriculture (2016-2017) present this Thirty Ninth Report (Sixteenth Lok Sabha) on the subject "Comprehensive Agriculture Research based on Geographical Conditions and Impact of Climatic Changes to ensure Food Security in the Country" pertaining to the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare (Department of Agricultural Research and Education).