World Nuclear Performance Report 2017

The recently published World Nuclear Performance Report 2017 reveals that more than 9 GW of new nuclear capacity came online in 2016, the largest annual increase for over 25 years; and global nuclear generation rose for the fourth successive year. Nuclear reactors continued to produce high performance levels in 2016, with an average capacity factor of 80,5%. The industry has maintained high capacity factors of around 80% for the last 20 years. The level of new-build remains high, with 61 reactors under construction at the end of 2016, but the pace of new construction starts must accelerate to provide the reliable electricity needed to support global economic growth. Globally, the time taken to construct new reactors has been falling, with the median time for reactors coming online in 2016 being just over six years. The global nuclear industry has set a goal of 1000 GW of new nuclear build by 2050, with nuclear generation supplying 25% of global electricity demand.