Sustainable mobility: getting people on board

  • 05/01/2018
  • GIZ

This publication is a major update of the “Training document on public awareness and behaviour change in sustainable transport” published in 2006 by GIZ. It provides the essential tools for awareness and behaviour change initiatives in this field, and is especially tailored for decision-makers, technical staff, consultants and experts as well as individuals aiming for policy or behaviour change. The updated version has broadened its scope to a more ambitious, policy-change aim and has revised many of its recommendations from more than ten years ago. Sustainable transport modes, such as walking, cycling and public transport, are often still not seen as convenient and comfortable as driving one’s car. Widening roads and hence promote car use instead of non-motorized transport (NMT) is still a common practice. Changing these mobility patterns in order to promote more sustainable ways of travelling within cities therefore is often not easy. Especially policy makers are faced with challenges when trying to improve the framing conditions.

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