A framework for understanding climate change responsiveness of the union budget in India

Recognising the national budget as the nance system through which most public actions are funded, this paper discusses how climate change-related public expenditures can be considered under the Union Budget. There are various channels of funding for climate change actions, but it is public funding through the Union Budget, with its enduring systems and statutory procedures, that is expected to align most closely with national policy-making and the priority-setting of public expenditure. Climate change responsiveness of the Union Budget can provide strong evidence of the importance being attached to achieving India's commitment to combating the impact of climate change. Climate change responsive budgeting is also essential for India's abidance with the Paris Agreement on climate change which emphasises on managing climate nance with transparency and accountability. This paper discusses the signicance of considering climate change responsiveness in the Union Budget and what are the existing practices and gaps in documenting climate change nancing in India.

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