Rebuilding resilient and sustainable agriculture in Somalia

This joint report by the World Bank and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is part of a wider set of economic and sector work being conducted by development agencies to assist Somalia in its further elaboration (through sector strategies and programs) and implementation of the current National Development Plan and its preparation of the next one. The report covers the historical performance of all major agricultural subsectors (livestock, crops, forestry, and fishing) and the status of agro-processing. It also analyzes the subsectors' key medium- and long-term development constraints, challenges, potential for growth, and policy and investment options. Weak institutions, insecurity, a persistent insurgency, dilapidated infrastructure, environmental degradation, and climate change are major obstacles to Somalia's economic development,especially in the Southern regions. These challenges and the recent severe drought-related crises notwithstanding, agriculture is and will remain central to the country's economic development.